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Shaping the Banking Landscape

With over 100 bankers in Annapolis on Wednesday, February 27, MBA’s Day is one of the largest advocacy days in Annapolis. Gary Barnoff (President), Lisa Ruzicka (VP/Compliance Officer) and Denise Busson (VP/Mortgage Officer) had the opportunity to be a part of it. In summary – Senator Andy Serafini from Western Maryland introduced and recognized BJ Goetz […]

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What is a Community Bank?

by Gary Barnoff What is a community bank? A smaller bank that services the community in which it resides. Often that creates the mis-conception that they have less to offer than a bigger bank. com·mu·ni·ty /kəˈmyo͞onədē/ noun a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common. But the […]

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