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Credit Unions Don’t Pay Taxes?

That’s right, credit unions don’t pay taxes.  When I tell people that, they are almost always surprised.  I find it interesting that it continues to be such an unknown fact. As President and CEO of Jarrettsville Federal, a true community bank, it is incredible to me that credit unions have been allowed to not only […]

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The Right Way to Approach Overdraft Protection

Based on data released by the FDIC, the 10 largest banks in America collected $11.45 billion in overdraft and NSF fees from American consumers in 2017. What’s more, a recent survey by Moebs Services reveals that consumers paid a whopping $34.3 billion in overdraft fees in 2017 (this includes overdraft fees from big banks, smaller banks, […]

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Passwords – The Lock or The Key?

Did you know that the average business person has 191 passwords. Those 191 credentials are the gateway to personal and financial information. According to a report by LastPass, 81% of confirmed data breaches are due to passwords. Yet 61% of people continue to use the same or a similar password everywhere, despite knowing that it is not […]

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Tried and True Community Banking. We’ve been here 150 years and plan to be for another 150.

Jarretsville Federal Bank

Are you tired of switching banks or having your bank switch on you? With over 9,000 bank branches closing over the last decade, it is likely that you have fallen victim to the cost-saving trend. The trend is driven by both consolidation in the industry as well as consumers indicating a desire for online banking. […]

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Celebrating 150 Years!

The year was 1869, and Jarrettsville Federal planted its roots with a mission to serve the savings and loan needs of the Harford County community. We continue to serve that community today. What else happened in 1869…. The Tremont House in Boston becomes the first hotel to have indoor plumbing. The first intercollegiate game of American football is […]

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