Advantages of Online and Mobile Banking

Understanding the Ease and Convenience of eBanking

A convenient and tremendously flexible banking option that is now available with most banks is online and mobile banking.  This popular option will have a positive impact on your banking experience.  No sophisticated technical skills are needed!  It is simple and straightforward and allows you to bank anytime and anywhere.  Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of online and mobile banking.

Here are three advantages to online and mobile banking.


Mobile and online banking allow you to deposit checks, pay bills, or transfer money from the comfort of your own home or while you are at work.  You simply log onto your online site or a mobile app and with a few clicks, you are able to take care of your banking needs.  Just remember that it is crucial to be connected to a secure wi-fi network when conducting banking transactions.  Ultimately, the accessibility of online and mobile banking saves you time and allows you to work around your busy schedule.  There is no need to wait in line, just log into your account and get it done.

Did you know that you can use your bank’s website to pay your bills online? 

Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments are electronic payments that pull funds directly from your checking account.  The money automatically moves from your bank account, avoiding the need to write a check or initiate a credit card transaction.  ACH is the largest payment network in the United States.

In order to pay with ACH, the biller must be authorized to pull funds from your account.  You will provide your bank account and routing number for your checking account and provide authorization.   The payments can be set up as automatic payments or on-demand payments.  If automatic recurring payments are chosen, your biller will pull money from your account every time your bill is due.  On-demand payments are made only when you specifically allow it.

Easy to Use

Anyone with experience using a website, can use online banking.  There are a few features that may need to be set up, but once that is complete, it is very straightforward.  Take the time to explore the site or the app to find out how to complete the banking tasks you use most often.  Then you will only be a click away from completing all of your banking.  Online banking also allows you to access your banking history and transactions from anywhere.  You are able to quickly determine if a transaction has cleared your account.

Another quick and easy convenience of online and mobile banking is the ability to transfer money between accounts.  Once logged into your account, with a click of a button you are able to transfer money between your own accounts.  This is faster than going to a bank in person.  A transfer between two accounts at the same bank should go through the same day.  A transfer to an account at a different bank may take up to three days.

Safe and Secure

Banks online and mobile apps are always protected through authentication and security processes.  Banks take all precautions to protect your information.  There are steps you can take to ensure your data is secure.  Enroll in multifactor authentication where you need two or more kinds of verification to prove that it is really you.  Some bank apps will let you use facial or fingerprint recognition as another way to protect your digital bank account.

Online banking has contributed to the easy living of recent years.  No more long lines or dealing with the post office.  No more struggling to get to the bank within office hours.  Today’s online banking customers enjoy access to a full range of services such as balance checks, paying bills, transfer of funds, downloading statements, and 24/7 access.

How can your local community bank help you take advantage of eBanking?

Jarrettsville Federal Bank offers a mobile app that allows you to more easily take advantage of online banking on your phone. You can quickly check up on your accounts when you are out shopping, transfer funds so you don’t end up overdrawing, or make sure a merchant hasn’t double-charged you.  The app also allows you to deposit checks by using the camera on your phone to take photos of the front and the endorsed back of the check.  Mobile banking takes the convenience of online banking a step further. You can log into your account from your phone and access it wherever and, more importantly, whenever you need to. One of the most significant benefits of mobile banking is that it is never closed.   Applying for Mortgage loans and financing can also be done through the convenience of online banking as can opening an account.

Jarrettsville Federal knows security and privacy are very important to our customers.  Our online banking allows you to select a unique password of your choice.  All messages are encrypted, and “firewall” technology prevents others from gaining unauthorized access to our computer system.

Jarrettsville Federal makes banking electronically fast, easy, secure, and convenient.  It is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Now with Nufund, you can even open an account online.  Visit our website at or download our app from iTunes or Google stores.  Data rates may apply.