Celebrate with us on October 5!

Join us October 5 to help us celebrate from 9 -12. At 10 you can visit with the Oriole Bird, Joe Orsulak and Scott McGregor! Come get an autograph and share in this historic celebration.

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Jarrettsville Federal is celebrating 150 years in Harford County this year.  What’s the secret to that kind of staying power?  Let us tell you, it’s not a secret.  Here are five things we think have made our bank legendary and can give any project longevity.

  • Good People. The people who founded Jarrettsville Federal in 1869 were a group of concerned citizens who wanted more from their bank.  There was no change happening, so they made it happen.  They put down roots in Jarrettsville and got their friends to join their bank, too.  Soon a thriving savings and loan institution was born — Jarrettsville Federal.   The founders were not only smart people, good at what they did, they were also good people – on the inside.  They cared about their customers and as the bank grew, future generations kept up the customer focus and built traditions with the families they serviced.  We still subscribe to that policy today.
  • Empowered employees. After 150 years, we are a small but mighty organization.  Growth has been controlled, and personnel are experienced and have remained steadfast.  In fact, the average length of banking experience is 27 years per employee.  You can come in to the bank on any given day, and our friendly tellers will make it their business to know your name, your accounts and any additional information they need to serve you.  They are authorized to go the extra mile for our customers.
  • Commitment to Excellence. Nothing less.  Every employee at Jarrettsville Federal — from the first in 1869 to our newest in 2019 – has been committed to excellence in their business and personal lives.   They know that everything they do has an impact on someone.  Whether it’s opening a new savings account for a customer’s new baby granddaughter or providing mobile banking options for the young adults in the community, we do the very best work we’re capable of doing.  We follow the beliefs of our predecessors and go 110 percent 100 percent of the time.
  • Community driven. We love to be out in the community.  You will see Jarrettsville Federal employees on many of the boards of directors of non-profit organizations or simply out volunteering their time.  We want to be out talking with our customers, just like our forefathers before us.  That’s how they stayed in business.  The local community supported them, and they went out of their way to give back.  They were involved in little league, school sponsorships, library events and non-profit work.  The bank became a community site for Toys for Tots- donation drop-offs and donors to key charities.  Today, we are a driving force and a role model in the community.  In fact, in 2018, Jarrettsville Federal ranked in the top tier of banks nationwide for its outstanding community involvement, as determined by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC).  The branch was given a rating of “Outstanding,” which was bestowed on only 17 percent of banks nationwide.
  • Customer first. From the moment the first customers entered the bank in 1869, they were treated as if they were family.  They experienced the same friendly, knowledgeable bankers.  They told their friends. Their friends told friends. Soon everyone was coming through the doors to meet these wonderful people who called themselves community bankers.  They were receiving great friendly, courteous service and they felt trust toward the bankers. They made the bank a mutual association, which we remain today.  We are owned by our depositors, not by stockholders.  We have always put customer service first.  We make our loan decisions right here in Jarrettsville.  We help you to find ways to finance your project or buy that new home.  We share in your dreams and we try to help you make them a reality.   The customer is our livelihood.  Our customers are with us because we care enough to know their names, know their families and provide them with outstanding, personalized care every single time they have a banking need.

These are the basics of being able to celebrate 150 years in business.  Come join us October 5 to help us celebrate from 9 -12. At 10 you can visit with the Oriole Bird, Joe Orsulak and Scott McGregor! Come get an autograph and share in this historic celebration.