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Jarretsville Federal Bank

Are you tired of switching banks or having your bank switch on you?

With over 9,000 bank branches closing over the last decade, it is likely that you have fallen victim to the cost-saving trend. The trend is driven by both consolidation in the industry as well as consumers indicating a desire for online banking.

Did you know that the nations 10 largest financial institutions hold 54% of our total financial assets? In 1990, they held 20%. The number of financial institutions dropped from more than 12,500 to 8,000. (Source)

Meanwhile consumers continue to demand that their bank offer user friendly digital banking experiences, but they still want to have the opportunity to speak to a live person when they need financial advice or help solving a problem.

77% of consumers seek out a face-to-face transaction when discussing lengthier topics with their banks, and 53% of consumers would like to pick up the phone for quick questions, rather than dealing with a digital solution. (Source)

If you are tired of your bank focusing on consolidation initiatives – merging of systems, accounts, etc., rather than focusing on your enhanced service experience in all channels, then you should consider community banking. It took us a while, but community banks now offer the personalized service that consumers still desire, along with the online and mobile banking options they require.

Jarrettsville Federal has been serving and giving back to the Jarrettsville and Harford County community for 150 years. If you are tired of the bank transitions, plant your finances and watch them grow in Jarrettsville.

Some banks have branches, we have roots.  We are happy to serve you in our brick and mortar location with whatever level of digital banking makes you comfortable.  Come see us!