Shaping the Banking Landscape

With over 100 bankers in Annapolis on Wednesday, February 27, MBA’s Day is one of the largest advocacy days in Annapolis. Gary Barnoff (President), Lisa Ruzicka (VP/Compliance Officer) and Denise Busson (VP/Mortgage Officer) had the opportunity to be a part of it.

In summary – Senator Andy Serafini from Western Maryland introduced and recognized BJ Goetz as “his local banker” and then Senate President Mike Miller discussed how he once served on a bank board as well as the implications of a vote many years ago to cap interest rates (usury laws). That vote resulted in the large credit card operation that Maryland National Bank had moving out of Maryland to Delaware.  It then became MBNA and later Bank of America bought MBNA.   That vote changed Maryland’s banking landscape forever.

It is wonderful to hear the positive comments about banks and bankers in such a public setting.  It was a special day for all of us at Jarrettsville Federal that had the opportunity to attend.


Jarrettsville Federal is focused on serving the Jarrettsville community but where we can influence the legislature and decisions made at the state level, we will.